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Source: Ningbo Daily  | 2022-04-08 10:14:50

Xiangshan Temple./香山寺。[Photo by Tang Yan]唐严摄

  Xiangshan Temple, also known as Xiangshan Jiaosi (Xiangshan Preaching Temple), was founded in the 14^th year of the Tang Dynasty's Tianbao era, over 1,250 years ago.


  The temple had received three imperial bestowments from past emperors. It was home to thousands of monks and attracted countless faithful believers. The Emperor Daizong of Tang once bestowed upon the temple two plaques bearing the temple's name. During the reign of the Jiajing Emperor of the Ming Dynasty (1521-1566), it was renamed Xiangshan Temple.


  Historical records show that Xiangshan Temple is famous for producing numerous eminent monks and attracting renowned scholars. Many famous Chinese poets and philosophers such as Bai Juyi, Huang Zongxi and Hu Shifan had visited the temple.


  However, Xiangshan Temple was once destroyed by war and later rebuilt. Today, the main halls of Xiangshan Temple are modelled after Tang-style architecture. The buildings are arranged neatly along the sloping mountainside. Covered walkways connect the main halls with the peripheral buildings. The entire temple is beautifully-designed.

  然而,香山寺曾经一度毁于战火,而后重建。如今的香山寺主要殿堂全为仿唐式构筑,依山而建错落有致。整体建筑两边都有长廊同各个大殿相连,极富意境。 By Gou Wen