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Source: Ningbo Daily  | 2022-03-11 09:07:00

The tranquil lake. /宁静的湖泊。[Photo by Jiulonghu]九龙湖供图

By Gou Wen

Jiulonghu (Jiulong Lake) is located in Zhenhai, Ningbo. To the north of the lake, there are nine peaks and nine ridges among the rolling hills, resembling nine dragons, which is why the Lake is named Jiulong ("nine dragons") in Chinese.


Due to its unique wetland ecology, Jiulong Lake is home to a diverse range of rare flora and fauna. About 40 species of wetland plants, such as the common reed and silvergrass, grow here. A variety of birds, including egrets and mallards, live here. The pangolin, the Chinese hare, and other animals also thrive here.


The surrounding vegetation consists mostly of coniferous trees and broad-leaved secondary forests. Local trees listed as national and provincial key protected species include the ginkgo and the Chinese tulip poplar.


Nowadays, tourists at Jiulong Lake can explore nature and enjoy modern amusement facilities such as the giant rainbow hillside slide, the children's park, and lake cruises.