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Source: Ningbo Daily  | 2022-01-14 09:02:00

The Exhibition Hall. /展厅一景。 [Photo by Tang Yan] 唐严摄

By Gou Wen

A humanities museum in Ningbo, the Ningbobang Museum has been established for 12 years.


Not only does it record the establishment, development and prosperity of Ningbobang (the Ningbonese who work and live away from home) from the end of the Ming Dynasty to now, but also the wisdom of those people and their deep feelings for their native town.


The audience can learn about the stories of how they stood out from many business groups and shined brightly in the fields of shipping, finance, commerce and trade, among others, after walking through the exhibition hall. Their contributions to their hometown and country are equally presented.


Last year, part of the Museum was dedicated to Ningbo's honorary citizens by opening up a separate exhibition hall on the theme, which discusses the contributions they made to the urban development in diverse fields.