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'Grandma Sweater' Has a Memory Museum
Source: Ningbo Daily  | 2022-01-14 09:02:14

By Xu Zhuowei

Recently, a Memory Museum has been officially opened and named after Han Cuiju, who is also nicknamed "Sweater Grandma".

The Memory Museum is located in the Donghai Garden Community in Dongliu, Yinzhou. Though it occupies a mere area of 30 square meters, the museum is rich in content. It displays the tools that "Sweater Grandma" used to knit sweaters, as well as the letters and hand-painted pictures written to her by children who live deep in the mountains.

On the same day as the Museum opened, Han Cuiju brought members of the knitting club and 120 newly knitted sweaters to the venue. They were donated to a non-profit organization to be brought to children in Sichuan.

The Memory Museum is decorated to create a welcoming environment. On the wall at the entrance, a cartoon image of the Grandma is displayed. Going inside, photos are posted along the long corridor, telling the warm story of "Sweater Grandma" and her gifts. There are also several sets of tables and chairs, allowing Han Cuiju to hold knitting courses here. The members of her knitting club can also come here to knit sweaters together.

In 2005, Han Cuiju donated the first self-knitted sweater. Since then, she has continued to knit and donate for 17 years. In 2019, Han's story was known to the whole country after being reported.

In the past 17 years, Han Cuiju and her members in the studio have knitted more than 2,200 sweaters. In 2021 alone, they knitted 500 sweaters and donated to children in need.

Now, the 86-year-old Han Cuiju is still in high spirits. When talking about knitting sweaters for the needy, her face will bloom with a smile. Asked about her plan in the future, Han Cuiju hoped that more people would join the knitting club to carry on the charitable endeavor together. At the same time, the Memory Museum will also launch extension class to allow people to learn the skills and join the ranks of knitting sweaters.

Chief Adviser: Zhou Fangzhou

Proofreader: Dong Na