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The Power of Ordinary People in the Fight Against COVID-19
Source: Ningbo Daily  | 2021-12-31 09:10:00

  In late 2021, a series of drawings by Chen Ziyin, a student of Ningbo University, went viral on Wechat Moments. Her drawings depict the actions of the University's teachers and students during lockdown and are an expression of her appreciation for their hard work.

  Many people left positive comments, including one that said, "Nice pictures and we'll tide over!"

  "I want to show my appreciation for the medical staff of Ningbo and people fighting against the pandemic everywhere," said Chen.

  In the fight against COVID-19, unity is a power to be reckoned with. During lockdown, Ningbo University faculty member Lin Xiaoli used her e-bike to deliver 1,500 masks and daily necessities to the students, sometimes making multiple trips in the middle of the night; guidance counsellor Tan Xuemin kept order at the PCR test site. Actions such as these on the part of the faculty and staff were greatly reassuring to the students.

  As a student of Ningbo University's Faculty of Foreign Languages, Chen wants to share these heartwarming stories from Ningbo with people around the world. As a member of the Faculty's Foreign Language Publicity Team, she has creatively combined the power of art with her foreign language skills.

  When asked about her plans for the upcoming year, Chen mentioned an online seminar that she attended a few days ago on the bilingual white paper Fighting Covid-19: China in Action. Inspired by the dialogue, she hopes to use her English language skills to share China's best practices with the international community.

  During the interview, Chen brought up the book Our Story: A Memoir of Life and Love in China, recommended by her thesis supervisor, Professor Xin Hongjuan. The book records the love story of an ordinary couple and has touched many people. It has been translated into many languages and published abroad.

  "I would also like to learn how to tell the story of ordinary people in an engaging way. Gradually, I may go on to tell a captivating story of China to the wider world. In 2022, I hope to use art to let more people understand my city and my country," said Chen.

  By Gou Wen, Dong Na, Xu Zhuowei Chief Adviser: Zhao Qingchuan Proofreader: Dong Na