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石浦渔港:渔家文化 滨海风情
Source: Ningbo Daily  | 2021-12-17 10:32:53

Ships in Shipu Fishing Port. /停泊在石浦渔港的船只。 [Photo by Tang Yan] 唐严摄

  By Xu Zhuowei

  Located in Xiangshan, Ningbo and a well-known haven on the southeast coast of China, the Shipu Fishing Port is a crescent-shaped harbour that can accommodate tens of thousands of fishing boats.


  With more than six centuries of history, the ancient Shipu City has been home to generations of fishing communities who have created and preserved rich fishing culture and customs in their sea-based livelihood. There are many old houses and historic sites in Shipu old streets, where the traces of life left by the ancestors in the fishing port are vividly remembered.


  Shipu is one of the earliest cradles of marine fisheries in China. As early as in the Qin and Han dynasties, the ancestors started to fish and hunt here. It grew to be a renowned fishing port and coastal defence fortress in the Tang and Song dynasties. Today, Shipu is a national Class II open port, the No.1 fishery town in China, and a recognized historical and cultural town in Zhejiang Province.