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Picking the First Batch of Hong Mei Ren
Source: Ningbo Daily  | 2021-11-19 09:04:00

By Xu Zhuowei

Recently, in Xiangshan County, Ningbo, hanging on the branches, the golden "Hong Mei Ren" is in its bountiful harvest time, making farmers busy picking. Now it is time to savor the first batch of this charming fruit.

Hong Mei Ren is currently the best variety in quality, featured by thin peel, juiciness, having no seed, high sweetness, among others. It is extremely popular among customers though the price is a bit high compared with other fruits.

This year, the "Xiangshan Hong Mei Ren" was approved and registered as a National Geographical Indication Certification Trademark by the National Intellectual Property Administration, which means Hong Mei Ren now owns a national "identity card".

To attract more attention, the Xiangshan County introduced a new mode of "Claim a Hong Mei Ren Tree". Customers only need to spend 2,688 yuan to claim an authentic Hong Mei Ren tree and harvest the fruit on the tree this year (no less than 40 kg). Once successfully claimed, a claim card will be put upon the tree. By taking part in the event, it allows the claimants to visit the planting base for their trees and enjoy the flowers in spring, admire leaves in summer, and pick fruits in autumn. Not only so, but they can also access online livestream to see how the tree grows at any time they want. This "Internet+Claim" model improves the brand recognition of Xiangshan Hong Mei Ren as well as accelerate the integration of agriculture and tourism.

In 2001, China's first Hong Mei Ren was bred for trial planting in Xiangshan. It took nearly 2 decades to cultivate. Thanks to the unique climate and superior environment of Xiangshan, the Hong Mei Ren produced here has the best taste.

A total area of 6,424 acres of land is used for Xiangshan Hong Mei Ren plantation this year, expecting to have an output of 18,000 tons, accounting for more than half of the province. The brand value of "Xiangshan Citrus" has reached 2.455 billion yuan, making it a sign of agriculture in Xiangshan and even Ningbo. The Hong Mei Ren industry provides "Xiangshan Examples" for rural revitalization and shared prosperity.